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Court Calendar Introduction
JAWS basis for External Users
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Court Calendar Introduction      Back to Contents
           JAWS, Judicial Automated Workflow System, is going to be the primary interface between the
           court, the people and organizations that have business before it. The current release will serve
           attorneys with the following primary function of scheduling – support of scheduling hearings and
           other events by parties, counsel or the court, serving copies of event notices via email.
           What it will require of you. Attorneys will be required to register to JAWS. This will result in
           issuance of a username and password. You will not need any locally installed software other than
           Internet Explorer. The supported browser is IE7. If you are using IE8, you will need to run this
           in compatibility mode. There are no other hardware or software requirements. Once your register
           it is a necessity for you to associate yourself with your assigned cases immediately. This will
           ensure proper email notifications to be received by you.
           How the scheduling function works. JAWS is a general purpose scheduling engine designed to
           accommodate various different scheduling models. The Court can (1) set matters on its schedule
           on its own initiative, with or without consulting the parties or counsel; (2) expose available times
           to the public, allowing the parties to coordinate the scheduling and place the matter on the
           Judge's calendar, or (3) allow the public to view available times, and request that the Judicial
           Assistant reserve a specific mutually agreeable time, with the final confirmation being
           communicated by email. The Judge's office will be able to limit available time to specific (2) expose available times
           purposes or impose specific sets of rules on what may be heard at the time.
           Parties will file their documents in paper with the Clerk. However the Court may require you to
           upload the pleading, motion, or response to same at the time it is set for hearing or input specific
           data elements pertaining to a specified event.
           Should you require technical assistance at any time during this process or if you want to offer
           feedback regarding your experience with JAWS, please contact the Administrative Office of the
           Courts’ Help Desk at 813-301-3700 or via email at Thank you.
JAWS basis for External Users      Back to Contents
           To access JAWS, you may go to the Court’s website at and click the link for
           JAWS or you may type in on your IE7 browser. If you are running IE8
           then you will need to run in compatibility mode.
           You will be prompted for your login.
           Image Not Found
           If you are a new user and need to register then click the link “New user? Click here to register”.
           You will be required to enter in account information.
           Image Not Found
           You must acknowledge and accept the responsibilities of becoming an authorized user of JAWS
           by clicking in the checkbox next to the acknowledgement. Next you must fill in all of the fields.
           The security question and answer is used in resetting your username or password. Enter a
           question that you can remember in the security question text box. Then type in the answer to
           that question in the security answer text box. Example: Security Question - The name of my
           favorite pet? Security Answer – Max
           When finished, click the Request Account button and you will receive a message that your
           account request has been received.
           Image Not Found
           Check the inbox for the email address that you provided and select the email from
  This email contains your account information. Click the confirm
           link to finish the registration process. This link will then take you to the JAWS Log In screen
           where you will type your user name and password.
           At the very top of the screen you see a tab named Court Calendar. Underneath this you will see
           a list of menu options: Available Time, My Cases, Case Search, and My Profile. This document
           will provide explanations for each of these options.
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Available Times      Back to Contents
             • Below the list of menu options, you will see the drop down selection boxes for
             the division information. If you are assigned to more than one division then
             you can use the drop down arrows to select the desired division.
           • Once you select the desired division then the list of available events and time slots will appear.
           Image Not Found
           • Click View Detail/Schedule Case by the desired event and timeslot. This will
           • provide you with the details about this event and time slot.
           Image Not Found
           • The court division may require specific information from you when
             scheduling an event. This may be in the form of free form text boxes, drop
             down boxes, or check mark boxes. This collection of information may include:
             • a hearing description to be entered – for example Motion to Dismiss
             • the Mortgage Foreclosure checklist – see below for the information that must be completed.
           Image Not Found
             • a file to be uploaded – see View/Upload Files section for further details
             • if appearing by phone
             • trial requirements – for example trial type, trial duration, pre-trial date
           Image Not Found
           Image Not Found
             • additional notes
           Image Not Found
             • party association – use the drop down selection to identify who you represent
             • case number – must use the full 12 character case number including the dashes
             • certification that you have contacted the opposing party and the requested date and time has been agreed upon
             • NOTE: You must select the certification check box in order to schedule a case
           • The court division will also include instructions to be followed for the
             specified event type. Please read these carefully and comply with all instructions.
           • Click Schedule Case
           The system will take you to a screen in which you are required to add/confirm the Associate
           Parties of a case. The people listed in this screen will receive email notifications.


Associated Parties      Back to Contents
             • This is important to make sure all parties associated with a case are
               defined and email addresses are captured so emails go out to the right people.
             • You can enter a letter, name or partial name and press the search
               icon. The system searches last name and firm name files with a like
               command. For Example – you can enter Bri and the system will
               display all external users that have a last name or firm name
               containing the letters 'Bri'. (not case sensitive)
             • If you find the person that you want to associate to this case, then
               check the box next to their name and press add, make sure you select
               the party affiliation and it will move that person to the associated parties list.
             • The affiliated with drop down box allows you to associate what
               person with defendant/respondent, plaintiff/petitioner, or neither.
             • If the system cannot find a match in JAWS then a message will
               display letting you know that no matching users were found. You
               can call the party and ask them to register to JAWs.
             • Click Schedule Case when finished. The system will return to the
               Available Time screen and a red message at the bottom right hand side will appear. Example:
               Your appointment has been scheduled or requested.Your confirmation number is 12J-34946
             • If you have selected a time slot in which the court division requires you to request a time slot and then wait for their decision to approve
               or not, you will get an email confirming or denying this event once the court division makes a decision.
             • Underneath this information you will see the case scheduled in the time slot selected


My Cases      Back to Contents
           • This option allows you to see a list of all of your cases.
           Image Not Found
           If you select the case then you will be provided with case style and current case schedule at the bottom of the screen.
           Image Not Found
           If you need to cancel a scheduled event, you can select Cancel. A pop-up window will appear for you to enter the Cancel Reason,
           when finished typing click the Cancel Hearing button. Notice the cancelled event now shows cancelled.
           Image Not Found
             You can also access the Associate Parties menu option from this screen. In addition you can View/Upload Files.


View/Upload Files      Back to Contents
           Image Not Found
             • This screen shows any .doc or .pdf documents that have been uploaded that pertain to the associated case.
             • Both internal and external users have the ability to upload files
             • In order to upload a file, make sure the correct division is selected, put a description in the Document Type, a file name in the Document Title
              field and then click browse to select the appropriate file on your hard drive. The file size must be smaller than 10 MB.
             • When you have entered the appropriate information for the desired document then select Upload File.
             • Once uploaded the file will display in the top section of the screen under the Uploaded Documents for Case #XX-XX-XXXXXX.
             • Once a file has been uploaded, any user that has privilege to see the file can click on download to open or save the file to their machine.
              By default, internal users (Judges and Judicial Assistants) can see all uploaded files for a given case. External users can only see their
              own uploaded documents and any document that has been shared.
             • Courts are filings that have been filed with the Clerk. This information comes from the Clerk’s database
              and since these files are not retrievable electronically, this is only displayed as a list.
             • When finished select Close.


Case Search      Back to Contents
             If you have a case number, you can go to Case Search.
             • Case Search – You can enter a case number or a confirmation number and the case details and the current case schedule displays.
              If a case number is not found in the system then you will receive a message indicating the case was not found.
              From this screen you have the option to cancel an event or utilize the associated parties and view/upload files options as described above.
           Image Not Found


My Profile      Back to Contents
           • To edit your account settings or to change your security settings, you would use the My Profile option.
           Image Not Found
             • Once you have changed the desired fields, click the Update Account button.
             • If you want to change your security settings, click the Change Security Settings button.
              You will be prompted to type in your current password, new password, confirmed password, security question, and security answer.
              Once finished click Update Account.
           Image Not Found

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